Indo German Development Forum (DIEF) e.V. is promoting sustainable development through smart and frugal innovations and thus mobilise widespread action to regenerate the living environment.

We believe, small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world. We strive to share ideas and solutions that can make cities better places to live in.

The initiatives of DIEF cover a broad range of emerging issues which relate to challenges faced by cities such as energy shortage, pollution, Waste management, Mobility management etc

The main idea is to identify core developmental needs, identify the priority issues and devise sustainable approaches. Since its inception in 2009, DIEF is constantly identifying key challenges, finding solutions to these challenges and providing innovative approaches to improve the quality of life in Germany and India.

The Technology Round Table meeting has the objective to establish contacts between Indians and Germans and professionally committed to support them in their technology cooperation . We are happy to invite experts from various fields and industries to share their diverse experiences.

You are welcome to attend one of our technology networking events and meet professionals in their industry or across other fields. This is particularly true for students who are here have the opportunity to make contacts with companies.