The German Indian Development Forum (DIEF) intends to develop a forum for indo-German Cooperation’s and strategic alliance through strategic Collaboration and projects.  This  objectives would be met when we have Information dissemination and Constructive communication and inter-cultural exchange. Therefore DIEF promotes a variety of activities and initiatives.

  • Regular Indo German discussion rounds
  • Social and cultutal events
  • Intercultural seminars
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dialogue on Student and Academic exchange
  • Job Perspectives


We are constantly looking for new ideas to start new initiatives. We also intend to help organizations to make maximum use of their funding by providing more options to select from and the right choice to support and work with. Over the time DIEF has developed a network of genuine organizations working in key areas of interest.

please feel free to Contact Us and share your own ideas and initiatives with us. We would be happy to add it in our objectives