DIEF e.V. is based in Stuttgart, Germany and is a registered society under German law (§65 BGB). Experiencing a growing cooperation between India and Germany, a need was felt for an independent forum that would provide consensual input, examine the critical problems, help develop coherent workable responses in a rapidly changing social, economical, cultural and political environment.

The key objective of the association is to find a synergy in developmental work by bringing the people from the German and Indian culture together. The forum aims at working towards achieving greater harmony and co-operation between India and Germany through social and cultural exchanges, innovation, technology transfer, research and transfer of skills etc. Today, DIEF has a group of totally committed members who have long years of valuable administrative, scientific and socio-cultural experience. Association is engaged in combining common interest to promote the dialogue between the countries, in the fields of technology, culture, business and societies.

DIEF was founded in 2009 after gaining cross-cultural and interdisciplinary expertise. The key founding members come from different sectors of society and are having a strong interest towards developing strategic alliance in the key areas of work. Some of the members are eminent personalities of the society and known globally for their commendable work.